Reviews for Laurence Connor for the Broadway production of Miss Saigon

The heat is on! Laurence Connor's production of Miss Saigon opened at the Broadway Theatre in New York on 23 March 2017. The Broadway mounting of this iconic musical comes after a critically acclaimed run at the Prince Edward Theatre in London's West End. 

Laurence's direction has been highly praised by theatre critics.

'The meticulous mounting is by Laurence Connor, who directed “School of Rock” on Broadway as well as the recent revival of “Les Miserables.” The production values alone are a jaw-dropper. That iconic helicopter, rendered with unusual realism thanks to the miracles of modern technology, is still the show-stopper. But lesser miracles are still stunning.' - Variety

'As directed by Laurence Connor (“School of Rock”), this solid and satisfying revival builds on the extraordinary visuals, nonstop adrenaline, sweeping emotions and pulsating musical score that characterized the original production while adding an unmissable brutality and grittiness. Fans of the musical will not be disappointed.’ -

'...directed by Laurence Connor, is sensational in every way: visually and sonically' - Deadline

'So congratulations of a sort go out to Laurence Connor for directing with power.' - Huffington Post

'The director, Laurence Connor ("School of Rock"), does an exceptional job moving the more than three-dozen actors across a busy, sometimes cluttered set (designed by Totie Driver and Matt Kinley), and he keeps a firm grip on the potentially confusing storyline. When that famous helicopter arrives in the second act -- during a recreation of the Fall of Saigon -- it does so with eye- and ear-popping grandeur.' - NY1

'Rather than giving us an impression of the repressive regime, director Laurence Connor and choreographer Bob Avian turn these songs into typical Broadway showstoppers.' - The Wrap